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About us

Nothing can replace quality!

Trade fairs are a very important communication medium within the marketing-mix of a business company. They reflect the situation of the market  and reproduce markets in a very concentrated form.

In addition to the advantage to get a global information of the market, trade fairs offer an excellent basis for numerous contacts relating to business.

The decision to participate in a trade fair means, especially for the exhibitors, a terrific challenge considering duties and responsibilities in connection with cost calculation and organization.

As either exhibitor or visitor, DRS Direct. Reservation Service GmbH will grant an utmost support regarding the scheduling or performance of a trade fair.  Our proposals from one source save time and effort for costs and coordination. You can concentrate on your core business like customer 's approach, communication and marketing strategies.

Experience that pays ...

    ... and our expertise saves your time:

  • selecting and purchasing of contingents of hotel rooms at fair conditions in every range of categories and prices
  • a system of reservation especially to meet your tasks
  • sale of allotments cancelled through our last-minute-booking-system
  • administration of contingents
  • on-site-service during the event
  • controlling of invoices
  • an agency for any additional services: access to booth-builders,
    hostesses, caterers and more ...
  • co-operation with the most important event locations on site or in the surroundings
  • and more...

Any time we are at your disposal by telephone, answering your questions, if desired, in English, French, Spanish, Dutch or Italian language.

Come and see for yourself our wide range of offers!

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